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In order to tutor with us, we require that you have an ABN, working with childrens check, upload a copy of your I.D., upload your resume and complete a few questions! All-in-all, registering takes 3-5 minutes once you have acquired your working with childerns check (needs to be applied for physically at your local post office)


Keep your eye out

Download our app and check your emails as this is where the notifications will appear when the new jobs come through. 


Apply to take on a student near you

When a role pops up that suits you then you will apply either through the app or by responding to the email. 


Undertake an interview with our Director

Our Director (Pat) will give you a call if this is your first time taking on as part of the enrolment procedure


Start tutoring with us!

If you are accepted after the interview, the student will be assigned to you! Keep in mind, the first lesson is a trial lesson so your first impression is everything! Don't worry, we have tutorial videos and support staff to help you every step of the way.. 

My name is Simone and I’m currently a 2nd year medical student at the University of Western Australia. I graduated in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.25. I have been tutoring for two years with the Bright Tutors, yet having received tutoring during my high school career I am not unaware of what tutoring is all about. Personally, I found tutoring to be a great experience and firmly believe that the extra help I received helped me achieve my goals to be able to study medicine. Having been in the shoes of a student before, I understand how daunting the concept of tutoring and extra work outside school might be for a student. Thus, my main focus is to make sure that the learning environment always makes the student feel comfortable, and that the lesson structure reflects the means by which the student learns best. I think that the goal with tutoring is not only for each student to understand the work more and feel better equipped in their studies, but for a love for learning to also grow.

Simone Van Der Merwe

Model Tutor

Why do you need an ABN?

Why do you require an ABN?

An Australia Business Numbers is what the government uses to identify businesses. By acquiring one, you are starting a business (which you are, if you are earning monies by any means that aren’t direct employment).

Many competitors and national businesses adopt this business structure - just look at Uber, Deliveroo as well as some small time gigs such as baby-sitting, running a shopify store or tutoring with us!

TheBrightTutors Australia Pty Ltd provides advice, tutorials, documents & support regarding best practices as a tutor however you should have everything you need to work as a tutor before commencement as a tutor operating with us. Our relationship consists of a network of tutors, and we help to match you with clients whilst providing ongoing support and management of the relationship.

From an ATO standpoint, you are an independent business (trading as a sole-trader) that we contract opportunities to. We are not an employer.  

Some of the perks include:
 - Flexibility around when / where you work.
 - For many of our tutors who are in university, our rates exceed by a far amount those in retail etc.
 - No PAYG tax is extracted from your pay and you can make deductions on expenses incurred when running your business

You can use your ABN in the future should you continue to contract your skills to other companies. This is a requirement when you register with us for legal compliance. 

When you are applying for an ABN many of our tutors can have difficulty understanding their eligibility. To explain further:

 - You are running an independent tutoring business, we are provisioning a network for which to present you with opportunities (clients). We handle the marketing and leverage our profits to run extensive marketing campaigns, then presenting the opportunities to the independent sole traders who are in our network.
 - You handle / pay your own income tax and GST directly to the ATO. 
 - You are not exclusive to our network & can acquire your own private clients via your own methods or register with competing agencies etc
 - You can quote for work. We sometimes make changes to our rates to reflect the availability of tutors locally, travel times etc. However as an independent contract - you are free to negotiate your rate for jobs with us. 
 - Paying for your own business insurance. We recommend all our tutors acquire business insurance.
Invoicing for your work.
 - We provide weekly invoices for your work! 

Company Details

ABN: 126 357 680 53
ACN: 635 768 053


Director: Pat Goodyer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 8003 5502