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Connect & Achieve your desired results with Australia's best private tuition company. Our ranks of tutors include  school duxes, Band 6 & award winning students as well as ex-teachers and mature aged tutors!

Australia's Best Tutors

What we have achieved so far 


Students helped

We have tremendously improved and inspired numerous students across Australia and we continue to expand at a rapid pace!


Hours of tuition completed

Building on the feedback of students, parents and tutors we have rehearsed and developed tried and tested methods to achieve academic success!


Years experience

We weren't born yesterday. Our mission to deliver the best tutoring services to the doorsteps of clients across Australia has been thriving since 2016.


States currently operating in

With an Australia-Wide reach, our client base is rapidly spreading across Australia.

We offer the best & brightest tutors, meticulously interviewed & professionally supported so that we can best prepare our students for academic excellence.

TheBrightTutors is a business established in 2017 and has been operating throughout Australia for 2.5+ years to date and delivers professional, In-Home private tuition services to students across Australia. Until this year, TheBrightTutors was a local tutoring company servicing only the Perth CBD. However in 2019 we spread our wings across Australia and are flourishing with clients now spanning over 5 states! Having access to a network of thousands of tutors across Australia our clientele are consistently impressed by the level of tutoring experience, knowledge and manner of our private tutors. Furthermore, our goal has always been to deliver unprecedented service from our administration team to support our tutors in your homes by ensuring the provision of syllabus aligned materials, routine checkup's with both clients & tutors every fortnight to clarify requirements and ensure the tutors are using corrects methods and resources among other measures. TheBrightTutors Australia Pty Ltd, our direct employees and subcontracting tutors strive to deliver services at the highest standard in Australia. 

Proudly Sponsoring Australia's School Students

Supporting students at school as well as through our private tuition. We really care about a brighter future for all, endeavouring to support Australia's children through school and beyond!

TheBrightTutors Difference

As mentioned in the video above - we run through a scenario to explain this concept. Essentially, independant students across Australia are leveraging the internet to apply to multiple tutoring companies (that operate in their region). Hence, when a large amount of tutors follow this strategy of applying with multiple tutoring companies then these tutoring companies start to have identical networks of tutors

So knowing full well you may be paying more for the same tutor at Agency A vs us  why would you pay extra? You need to consider does the competition:

 - Provide support materials are available for the tutors? 
 - How well does the tuition agency monitor the parent & tutor relationship? Do they check in routinely or just leave you to your own devices once they assign you a tutor? 
 - Is the tuition company experienced? How long have they been operating?

TheBrightTutors is operated as very much a local business. Due to our unique online business model our operating costs are very minimal... And our cheaper prices reflect this. Because our operating costs are significantly lower than the competition, we can afford to reinvest into better administration support, academic & materials support for our tutors, routine check-ins with clients and other initiatives that improve the ease-of-service. 

At TheBrightTutors we aim to take full advantage of our low operating costs to lead with the most affordable prices without comprising what we believe to be the best tutoring service in Australia.

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Our tutors are screened well above legal regulation

Our tutors are all subject to acquire Working With Childrens Checks (or the relevant check in your state) to be legally compliant. Alongside this check, we review ID as an added security precaution because we understand we are dealing with your children. 

Our tutors submit their resumes which are rigorously reviewed to ensure they are a suitable role model for our students. Alongside this, all tutors undertake an interview with our Director so that we can ensure they are well & truly competent. 

You can personally meet and quesiton the tutor when they are first assigned to you. They will reach out to you over the phone to schedule the first lesson - so take this opportunity to ask them any weird & wonderful questions you may have!

How it works

Steps to acquiring a tutor with us

Learn the registration process

Click "Book now" to understand how to sign up through our new unique platform. 

Visit our book now page

Read how to register with us (very straight forward) and feel free to get in contact if you have any difficulty.

Organise the first lesson

During the registration form we ask for your credit card details and a 100% refundable down payment for your first lesson. This can be claimed back for any reason before we organise a tutor, simply give us notice! Once you have completed that, we will have a tutor organised for you within 3-5 working days!

Attend the first trial lesson


We will check in routinely going forward

After your non-obligatory first lesson - our administration team will be in contact to get some feedback and make you aware of how to move forward. if you aren't satisfied, you aren't locked in to any contract. 

A brighter academic future is just over the horizon

"Having tutors throughout my schooling, I really think it provided me with the No1. Ranking edge"


Not long ago I graduated high school, I achieved a 1st in course in Sydney's archdoicese, coined "student of the year" in the college, winning prize money from TAFE and the NSW Government for my academic achievements & was awarded a mentorship prize that was presented to me by Scott Morrison & Malcolm Turnbull. I flourished through my education but it can be very, very difficult. My goal is to operate TheBrightTutors Australia to deliver my passion for academic success into the homes of students anywhere in Australia.  
Having a tutor to assist with your child I think is a really proactive way to ensure your child achieves their full academic potential. Studies show students benefit tremendously from viewing and revising content more than once - so following up on content covered in the classroom in a personal, 1-0n-1 environment can make a world of difference. 1-on-1 learning environments are much more effective than the classroom environment at school, so our students harness and comprehend much more content in an hour of private tutoring then they would in a classroom as it is distraction free, personalised and also commonly with a tutor who is younger and more relateable. Our younger tutors can make learning much more exciting - and provide a role model for our students!

Through my own academic successes, I am passionate about ensuring that all students in Australia have access to private tuition so they can ensure they can best prepare for career prospects and educational pathways in the future.